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Check out some hot video clips and photos from the first event!

I want to thank you all for holding Tickle Night last Saturday. The venue was perfectly chosen, the rooms available had just the right combination of seclusion and openness, and the facilities were well stocked. The highlight was the people, from P.E.T.E.'s gentle and friendly presence to Kali's enthusiasm and efficient hostessing. I really enjoyed my sessions with Savannah and watching (and hearing!) the other participants tickle each other to joyous, ecstatic screams and laughter. 

I have to give major props to Kali. She's the kind of person that energizes you, whose love for what she does infects you. Her ardor and wholehearted eagerness for BDSM in general, and her services in particular, make you want to try out whatever she's talking about just so you can experience what she's so eager about. When I came to her seeking advice on an unrelated topic, she responded with focus and concrete advice, and was genuinely interested in my subject and helping me. She's a credit to the scene, to her friends and partners, and to humanity in general. 

I look forward to the next tickle night, and you should too! No matter what your kink or level of kink, it's a fun, safe, and engaging way to explore and have fun. 



Just wanted to thank you for such an awesome experience. The venue, the 
models, and the ambiance of the party were beyond my expectations. It was so 
cool to be part of the first Ticklenight! You had a nice turnout and I'm 
sure that the parties will continue to grow, giving people a fun and safe 
place to play and mingle. Thanks for everything! 

   - T


My wife and I wanted to let you know what a great time we had at tickle 
night! We heard about it through PETE, who we had met at the 2008 FFF. At 
first my wife was a little nervous about going to a dungeon, since neither 
of us had ever been to one. But as soon as we got there, everything was 

Everyone there was so relaxed and friendly, it was like being with people we 
had known for a long time. We were both willing victims for PETE's class, 
which was a blast.

Once the class ended we had some of the munchies and then checked out the 
rest of the place. We ended up tying each other up on the massage table 
downstairs and tickling each other there. Probably one of the most 
important things in being tied up to be tickled is that it is comfortable so 
that you can concentrate on the ticklish feelings. For that, that cage 
upstairs with the padded top is awesome!!

Tell anyone that was nervous about coming to the last tickle night that 
there is nothing to worry about. We both had a blast and will definitely 
come to the next one!! Thanks for a great time and an awesome space to play 

   - ‘A tickling couple’

Tickle Night was FABULOUS....way above my expectations!! Giving all of us
a tickle kit was a pleasant surprise and all of the different rooms/space/
equipment that you provided left me wondering which options to choose.
Your models were great/friendly/accommodating and really into it! Don't
change a thing!; I can't wait for the next one!! 

   - GG

It was a true pleasure to be one of the lucky pioneering kinksters present
at Princess Kali's very first Tickle Night party. I arrived just in time to hear
the tail end of P.E.T.E.’s class of tickle techniques. He is the moderator of
Tickle New England and by the bursts of helpless giggles and squeals I could
hear resonating through the walls, I could ascertain that P.E.T.E. certainly
knew his craft well. After the class, all of the newly educated tickle
disciples filed into the main reception area where my girlfriends and I were
mingling with some other tickle enthusiasts. The playfully wicked Princess
Kali greeted us and eloquently described the structure of the evening. All
of my girlfriends and I were introduced as tickle models, either as ticklers,
ticklees…or both!

I had decided to relax my naturally dominant nature for the evening and
was making myself available as both a tickling tormentor and writhing
ticklish captive. I have to admit…it was awfully exciting to have my
supple and sensitive skin titillated to the brink of exhausted hysteria.
However, I had even MORE fun tracing my naughty fingernails along the 
ribs, knees, feet and delicate nerve endings of my many happy tickle sluts!
Everyone got a bag of tickle goodies to aid in their quest for uncontrollable
laugher…scarves served as light restraints to keep those thrashing
ticklees from running away, combs and hair doodads proved to be
marvelous sensory toys and blindfolds were available for the added
element of suspense. My goodness, it was terrible fun!

For anyone who is on the fence about coming to the next Tickle Night,
I offer up my sincere encouragement. Princess Kali provides a super safe,
supportive, fun, clean and comfortable environment to explore and let loose
in. Kali's facility is nice and new, extremely tidy and on it's way to becoming
a premiere playspace. Most importantly, the attendees of Tickle Night
were all like-minded, polite and fun loving people who had found the nerve
to indulge their wild side and better understand their capacity for erotic fun.
That said, I expect to see many more happy teasers and their willing prey
at the next, anxiously awaited Tickle Night!

   - Ms Savannah

Dear Kali,

I just wanted to let you know what an an unbelievably fantastic time I
had at Tickle Night. Growing up as a tickling fetishist I would have
never dreamt that something like his could ever possibly exist.

The Tickling class was alot of fun. It was great to meet P.E.T.E. from
Tickle NE. He is a true Tickle Master (I don't think that I will ever
look at a toy shark the same way again).

The venue was so impressive: conveniently located, safe, spacious, and
filled with so many different areas each with it's own equipment and theme.
There were areas for those who may want some privacy and areas for those 
who may be a bit of an exhibitionist!

All of the models were beautiful, sexy, and truly ticklish all over their
bodies. I always thought of myself as mostly a foot tickler, but after
tickling Eva's sensitive little armpits and hips and seeing what an incredible
reaction I got from her, I think I will be incorporating more full body
tickling into my future tickling experiences. And I plan on having many more
of those experiences at future Tickle Night events.

If anyone out there reading this has been wanting to indulge themselves but
is wary of making that frst move I strongly encourage you to set aside your
inhibitions and attend the next Tickle Night. It could be one of the most
incredible nights of your life. Thank you to all of the people at Tickle
Night for making this a reality

   - TMS

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